Looking for 1000 True Fans to travel with me along this journey. Like the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and other independent musicians that followed the road less traveled, I too want to focus on those music fans that love lyrics and identify as my musical tribe. You will be the first to know when, where and how and have VIP access at future events. Looking forward to seeing you on tour as we get through this pandemic together.

About the Artist


Singer / Songwriter

This debut musical expression from singer / songwriter Dallas Teague Snider combines the passionate beauty of the acoustic folk tradition with elements of acoustic pop and electronica to create her distinct fusion of roots and rhythm and an organic, soulful sound. 

Cuts such as Passion Suicide tell a story of deception and paints images of a love lost touching themes of betrayal and broken hearts. Each song has a unique theme with lyrics that invoke time, space and emotions often unexpressed. 

Check out her debut album which is full of honest and heartfelt reflection of an artist just beginning to find their creative voice.

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Dallas' Debut Album

It's Here! 

All those that order will receive a special "thank you" bonus.  Those that pre-order will be the first to get this inaugural musical expression. Be one of the first to have a limited printed edition. 

Your support means more than words can express. I hope these songs will touch you as they have me to bring them to life.   

We have all been through unspeakable challenges. Songs can speak to our hearts when others don't know what to say.

Hope to see you at an event in the near future either online or in person.