B12 Deficiency

Dallas' Personal Message about B12 Deficiency

Message from Dallas

About B12 and Pernicious Anemia

Know the facts- It Can Save Your Life or Someone You Love

I wanted to share that I have been struggling with misdiagnosed pernicious anemia for the past few decades. The past few years I have had muscle weakness, chronic pain and central nervous system systems causing neurological and motor challenges. I am grateful that I now have a path forward and I still walking out this healing. Please be your own health advocate. This does not show in normal blood tests. Please know the symptoms and talk to your doctor. 

This is easily treated if tested for and yet not often testing. What your doctor doesn't know about low B12 and how it is often missed leading to death. 

Here is a link to a documentary that explains this debilitating and deadly condition. Low B12 and Pernicious Anemia Documentary

About the New Release

I am proud that this debut album "Lavender & Rain" is coming out. With the weakness and pain that I experience my talent for playing instruments seems to be robbing me of this gift. With the invention of the "new studio" I am able to bring this new creative expression to life. I hope you enjoy it.  

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to count you 1 of my 1000 True Fans.  You can grab your copy of Lavender & Rain here .






Having written poetry since childhood, Dallas is no stranger to the creative process. About two years ago, lyrics and melody began to flow. In effort to capture what was being inspired,  Dallas used her phone to record them in real- time.

Lacking confidence and not knowing what to do next she attended a couple songwriting events to see if this was really something she was passionate about.  A deep knowingness confirmed that this was something she was meant to do. It was as if this dormant and unforeseen creativity was coming alive. 

As she shared her real-time songs with a select few, she was encouraged to step out on her own and share her lyrics with the world. You can read a few comments from those that have witnessed this gift being revealed. It was once said, "It's time the world heard your lyrics."  She never dreamed she would be guided to sing in sacred ceremonies or be inspired with songs so timeless inviting the soul to reflect and go within. 

 This is definitely inspired by the Holy Spirit. It's not my comfort zone, but I am answering the call without self judgement, fear or attachment. We live in a hurting world and my hope is that others are blessed. I have learned to honor my guidance and allow God to show me the next door." 

With Light and Love,